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Gain the confidence with Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery)

Don’t hold yourself in low esteem because of looks. Now is the right time to restore confidence and regain your youthful appearance.

Our lifestyle impacts us in more than one way. With stressful life around, we gain monetary growth, but the age slowly starts impacting our skin and looks. As we age, our skin begins to lose elasticity, causing the skin above and below our eyes sagging and drooping. Many will agree and might have noticed that when 35 years and above, upper eye lids feel heavy. This can be caused by the eyebrow descending, excess upper eyelid skin or both. Changes in the lower eyelid are also determined by advancing age and stress as well as lack of proper skin care.

We all get “tiring eyes” that are caused by having long working hours in front of computers and mobile phones. This makes our eyes look drowsy and also causes wrinkles on the forehead. Excess makeup and its impact on sensitive skin around eyes also plays its part. This results in Ptosis, which mostly occurs when we often rub eyes or have any allergy, or are wearing contact lenses for a long time.

With age and stress, the common changes in the eyelids include:
  1. Excessive thin and loose eyelid skin
  2. Dull looks due to droopy or saggy eyelid
  3. Excessive upper eyelid fullness due to bulging and sagging fat
  4. Excessive bulging fat causing eye bag
  5. Asymmetric eyelid crease
  6. Uneven position of the eyelid margins caused by a droopy eyelid

Eyes are the main and very important feature on our face. Eyelid problems start impacting our looks and confidence, which ultimately impacts our self-esteem. With technology and talent in place, one doesn’t have to always live with these issues. Navi Mumbai’s renowned and most trusted Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr Vinod Vij from Clinique Aesthetica has been performing cosmetic eyelid surgery (upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty) from years and has helped many men and women attain younger appearance with enhanced self-confidence.

What is eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty) ?

Blepharoplasty is an eyelid surgery, which involves the resection of redundant or saggy skin of the upper eyelid. This procedure involves identifying the upper eyelid crease on each eyelid and designing a skin incision that removes saggy or loose skin. It also helps with removal of excessive fat to correct the problem while preserving normal eyelid closure. Fat removal greatly enhances aesthetic contours.

Lower eyelid surgery can tighten herniated excessive intraorbital fat and repair the weakening of muscles in the lower eyelid, resulting in making you look youthful and have improved self-confidence. In addition, lower eyelid surgery helps to prevent epiblepharon, which is the presence of a fold in skin and muscle of the lower eyelids which may cause eyelashes to rub against the cornea.

Who should consider eyelid surgery ?


This surgery is recommended for those who:

  1. Wish to improve their looks
  2. Have very thin eyelid and their eyelashes cannot be seen
  3. Have restricted vision due to excessive sunken eyelids due to retraction of fat into the eye socket
  4. Have irritating upper eyelashes, leading to tearing and conjunctivitis
  5. Have excess bulging fat that protrudes from the lower eyelid
  6. Have wrinkles in lower eyelids that’s loose and saggy

Pre operative care:

-        Note down your medical problems and inform surgeon in advance

-        Certain medications, supplements or herbal drugs that affect surgery must be discontinued at least 7 days before surgery begins

-        Stop smoking at least 6 weeks before surgery

-        Stop drinking alcoholic beverages at least 48 hours before surgery

-        Take a shower and wash your hair prior to surgery

Postoperative Care: 

-        Keep your head elevated above the chest level while sleeping for a week or as advised

-        A continuous cold compress will help to reduce eyelid swelling after surgery, if any

-        Refrain from watching TV or reading books for a week or as advised

-        Refrain from drinking and smoking for a week minimum

-        Strenuous activities or exercise must be avoided

-        No contact lens is not allowed at least a week

-        Avoid eating fermented foods, pickles, eggs, seafood for 3 weeks

-        Wear glasses or sunglasses to prevent dust

Blepharoplasty is one of the most common plastic surgeries, this procedure must be conducted by highly experienced plastic surgeons with fully-equipped facilities. Eyelid surgery is divided into two procedures including removing and not removing the excess skin such as mini-incision and suture methods. Both have different advantages. At the Clinic by Dr Vij, they use modern and advanced techniques, which are safe and performed in the utmost hygienic environment.

“We solve the problems depending on personal factors. We enlighten each and every patient on the doubts and misconceptions regarding this simple procedure. Since the eyelids are a very sensitive area, we do precise procedures. So you don't have to worry, as with years of experience and technology, removal of excess skin leaves hardly any visible scar. We listen to patient’s problems and suggest procedures, as per their requirement and lifestyle. The advantage of Blepharoplasty is getting to the most natural eyes and getting the look to feel confident,” informed Dr Vij.

Dr Vij, who has pioneered Blepharoplasty in India, suggests that double eyelid surgery with removing the excess skin is a very popular technique and can solve many eye problems. This is the most appropriate method for eyes. Swelling is hardly found just as the spot method. The redness is normally found at the first stage but it will fade away. It's worth the permanent result.

After double eyelids surgery, the surgical wound will heal within approximately 1-3 months and be beautiful in place for about 6 months. “After the surgery, our clinic has the best medication set for postoperative care that is appropriate for each client. To make the eyelid beautiful and disappear quickly. Don't forget to take all the medicines and follow the doctor's instructions strictly. For the result of the most beautiful and pleasing double eyelid,” adds Dr Vij.

Is it risky ?

The complications include:

  1. Double or blurred vision for a few days
  2. Temporary swelling at the corner of the eyelids
  3. A slight asymmetry in healing or scarring

Concerning the double eyelid surgery for a patient with sunken eye, the doctor needs to carefully evaluate the method for individual sunken eye correction as each patient has different conditions of sunken eye. Therefore, the doctor will select different methods accordingly.  

Double eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) is now very popular. Apart from aesthetic purpose. Flagging and drooping eyelids can make a person look older and with intervention of experts, this can be corrected. Sometimes, flagging eyelids which interrupt the vision, also needs double eyelid surgery. Double eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) is thus one of the most popular surgeries. However, there are many methods to perform double eyelid surgery. Which one is suitable for you? Which one is better? In fact, all methods of double eyelid surgery have their advantages and disadvantages. There is no best method for everyone. A good surgeon should be able to perform all methods of double eyelid surgery and choose the most suitable method for each patient.

Consultation and analysis plays a crucial role in identifying suitable answers to your tiring eyes or obstructed vision. Before taking any decision on surgery, discuss with the doctor at length and take his/her guidance to restore your confidence. In the world of social media, we are clicked on most of the occasions. A look can be a very decisive factor for that uber cool confident face. Don’t hold yourself back, thinking these are irreversible changes in our lives. Use the technology and take the guidance. A myth around cost and quality will also change when you approach the right clinic and surgeon with good years of experience. Located in three important locations in Navi Mumbai, Dr Vinod Vij is present in Vashi, Seawoods and Belapur.  

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Dr. Vinod Vij is an alumni of the prestigious King Edward Memorial Medical College , Mumbai.