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Hair Transplant in India

Hair Transplant Clinic offers solutions to patients with extensive hair loss. This is achieved by combining FUE – STRIP surgery in 2-3 consecutive days. We have perfected this hair restoration concept for some time and now it is offered as a standard procedure to our patients. It is now possible for our numerous hair transplant patients in the Norwood Scale 4-7 to proceed and restore the whole of their thinning or balding area with one visit to the clinic. Usually, the case is that one hair restoration procedure is needed to cover the hair loss at the front and top area and then a second surgery to cover the hair loss at the crown. In the case where the hair restoration patient chooses to initially proceed with the STRIP Technique, they must wait for at least 8 months before their donor laxity allows the extraction of a second Strip in order to restore the remaining thinning area. Also, when a patient chooses the FUE Hair Transplant Surgery to restore the front and top area, they still need to come back later for a second FUE surgery to cover the remaining area. So, the combination surgery of FUE and STRIP avoids the second visit. Combination of the FUE – STRIP hair transplant techniques has been successfully offered already for a few years, solving forever the problem of multiple hair restoration procedures. The way this is done is by extracting an average 2500 FUE grafts the first two days and a STRIP of 3500 grafts the third day, giving us in total an average of 6000 grafts hair restoration procedure. In the case shown below, the patient with a three consecutive day visit to the clinic covered all front, top and the crown area with 2000 FUE and 3000 Strip grafts and can now opt for not having any additional procedure. Hair Transplant surgery by combining FUE-STRIP methods will not limit the patient’s donor capability for further surgeries in the future, if needed.

FUE Hair Transplant Surgery Breakdown:

 Hairline Design



 Cleaning of Grafts

 Storage of Grafts

 Site Making

 Graft Distribution


 Post op Care

Patients who prefer the FUE hair transplant method may fall into one or more of the following categories:

 Those who want small sessions up to 1500 grafts

 Those who prefer FUE as being more contemporary

 Those who want to expand their donor capabilities (combine Strip & FUE)

 Those who are scared of surgery

The main advantages in brief of the FUE Hair Transplant Technique are:

 No linear scar in the donor site

 Avoidance of scalpel and stitches

 Fast healing

Less invasive Minimal post operation discomfort

 For prices visit our FUE Hair Transplant costs section For more and detailed information about hair transplants please read Our Hair Transplant Methods from beginning to end

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